Dream Detective: Merge Game

Dream Detective: Merge Game

By Century Games Pte. Ltd.

star 4.4 From 97 Ratings
  • Category Games
  • Release Date 2023-10-07
  • Current Version 11.0
  • File Size 346.32 MB
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"Dream Detective: A Casual Puzzle Adventure with a Twist of Merging and Mystery" Embark on an innovative puzzle-solving quest with "Dream Detective: Merge Game" — a unique casual puzzle adventure that seamlessly blends the joy of merging gameplay with the intrigue of object-finding. At the heart of this game lies the enigmatic Detective Academy, where players are tasked with solving mysteries that have remained hidden for ages. Immerse yourself in a world where each merge takes you closer to unveiling secrets and elevating your detective skills to new heights. Start your enthralling journey through dreams today, filled with unexpected twists and captivating challenges! Game Highlights: Intriguing Exploration: Venture through the forgotten halls of the Detective Academy and solve the mysteries to restore its legacy. Creative Merging: With thousands of items to merge and evolve, embrace the satisfaction of progress as you complete objectives and discover new aspects of gameplay. Stress-Free Relaxation: Dive into a game where the fun never stops, free from the pressures of grinding or pay-to-win mechanics. Decorative Gameplay: Take pride in organizing and adorning the academy, unlocking courses designed to foster the sharpest detective minds. Dynamic Events: Engage in an array of continuous events, thematic adventures, and seasonal festivities that keep the game lively. Narrative Adventure: Follow the story of the renowned detective Nini, who, guided by a letter from her grandfather, finds the once-celebrated Detective Academy. Amidst the cobwebs and echoes of the past, she embarks on a quest to find her grandfather, unveiling a series of conundrums that lead her deeper into the academy's history with every clue pieced together.


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