Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure

By Century Games Pte. Ltd.

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  • Category Games
  • Release Date 2021-04-14
  • Current Version 4.2.3
  • File Size 1.27 GB
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Connect the dots with just one stroke to draw different shapes. Solve various puzzles, train your brain and explore mysterious islands. Family Farm Adventure features: - Explorations. Explore a mysterious wild tropical island with the fearless photographer Felicia and archaeologist Toby on their quest to solve every puzzle. - Decorations. Decorate your flower farm! Restore the houses, decorations, and centerpieces that are essential for the Festival of Flowers. Celebrate this event with everyone. - Farming. Farm on a tropical island. Harvest crops, raise animals, and prepare food. - Adventures. Complete challenging quests and take part in the adventures of Felicia as she travels through mysterious islands. - People and Animals. Meet friendly and unique people, as well as quirky wild animals. - Treasures. Collect rare sets of treasures and ancient artifacts, then trade them to get rich. Enjoying Family Farm Adventure? Join our Facebook Fan Page:


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