Raid Sticker Pack

Raid Sticker Pack

By Plarium Global Ltd

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  • Category Stickers
  • Release Date 2021-08-20
  • Current Version 1.0
  • File Size 4.05 MB
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Want to share your triumph after conquering your enemies (or your homework)? Want to surprise your friends (or your foes)? Want to cheer on a buddy who finally summoned the champion they always wanted (or just summoned up the courage to ask out their crush)? No matter your needs, we’ve got your back! Check out this pack of 30 Raid-themed stickers for iMessage. We have the sword-bearing Athel to show off your confidence, a cheeky Arbiter to offer up the perfect wink, and a smug Rhazin Scarhide with his toothy smirk, along with countless other beloved Champions for all occasions. Quick tips on installing and using Sticker apps: • To get to iMessage apps, tap the App Store icon that’s right next to the “compose” field to see your most recently used iMessage app. • To keep looking for more sticker apps, tap the icon on the lower left corner. That’ll open the app drawer, where you can tap the plus icon to go to the App Store for iMessage, where you can browse and download more apps. You can also check out Manage, where you can add your apps to your app drawer. • To use a sticker, you just tap the sticker you like to send it directly, or you can touch and hold to place them on top of bubbles, other Stickers, or even photos. • Only iPhone and iPad users running iOS 10 - and Apple Watch owners running watchOS 3 - can get stickers. On Apple Watch, you can send any of the stickers you’ve also recently sent from iPhone or iPad. You can receive stickers on earlier versions of iOS and other platforms but they’re received inline as images and don’t support being pasted on top of text, photos etc. Stickers include: Athel - Smiley Lord Shazar - Furious Valkyrie - Kissyface Rhazin Scarhide - Smirk Alure - Bored Skullcrown - Sleepyface Elhain - Blush Shamrock - Beer Coldheart - Bullseye Martyr - Skeptical Dutchess Lilitu -Thinking Maulie Tankard - Lunch Tallia - Eyeroll Occult Brawler - Flex Zavia - Angelic Venus - Red Heart Galek - You Looking at Me? Madame Serris - Heartface Gorgorab - Toothy Grin Bad-el-Kazar - Evil Kael - Crying Relickeeper - Mad Norog - Shrug Arbiter - Winkyface Apothecary - Shocked Big ‘Un - Snort Tayrel - Frownyface Miscreated Monster - Robot Sir Nicholas - Freezing Hurry up and download them now if you want to share your favorite characters from Raid: Shadow Legends!


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