Kingdom Maker

Kingdom Maker

By Global Worldwide, Inc.

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  • Category Games
  • Release Date 2022-01-13
  • Current Version 37.0.1
  • File Size 326.18 MB
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Ah, the traditional four X’s of strategy: Explore, Expand . . . Exploit? Exterminate? Who wrote these? Yes, yes, there are many X’s to choose from, but we must demand only the finest X's. Introducing the world’s first ever 5X strategy game [insert trumpet fanfare] Kingdom Maker! Explore an enormous, medieval fantasy world of might and magic. Embark on heroic quests that deliver adventure, thrills, and laughs in equal measure. Engage with a royal cast of nobles, orcs, trolls, and more. Excel at the command of troops, cavalry, and war machines in spectacular RTS battles with unique tactics and strategies. Research new technologies. Forge and find powerful equipment. Raise huge armies and then collect mighty champions to lead them. Expand an ever-growing, ever-evolving noble family, and build your kingdom from humble origins into a dynasty worthy of legend. Spread your dominion across the world and guide the fate of the realm. Experience vast multiplayer alliances and engage in vital diplomacy, spy on enemies, or just hang out in chat and talk to friends all day–it’s your kingdom! Express yourself with unprecedented freedom. Customize your nobles’ appearance in every way, architect a unique layout for your fortress, and design an epic banner for your house. Kingdom Maker, the game with only one rule…yours!


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