Lami Live -Live Stream&Go Live

Lami Live -Live Stream&Go Live

By Hainan Charm Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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Welcome to Lami! Lami is a free and colorful interactive platform. Here, you can make friends and live freely, so that more people can hear your voice! Hot rooms, selected recommendations -There are no barriers or restrictions, Lami looks forward to every live you have; Diverse themes and forms, Let's create the most eye-catching party with like-minded friends! Follow the music, express yourself freely -Diverse room modes, optional music library, and fun sound effects, chat all night in your most comfortable atmosphere! Sparkling Gifts, fun interaction -Plentiful gifts with special effects and fun interactive mini games, are waiting for you to discover! Gifts are given without interruption, and laughter never stops. Various competitions, battles of honor -Every month, you can choose from numerous themed activities to fight for yourself and the team, becoming the strongest one to dominate the list!


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