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  • Release Date 2018-10-09
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[ FREE PUZZLE GAME! ] No in-game purchases or upgrades--this game is entirely free from beginning to end! Solve picture puzzles as if you were filling out a coloring book! Complete puzzles to uncover full-color characters from iconic nostalgia games! Loads of puzzles to play, and tons of collectable pixel art on the go! Take on Boss Puzzle challenges and collect small puzzle pieces to complete one jumbo pixel art piece! [ FEATURED TITLES ] Frogger, Contra, Bomberman, Mystical Ninja, Castlevania, Parodius, Life Force, Gradius, Block Hole, Sunset Riders, Nemesis, Track & Field, Star Soldier, TwinBee, Milon's Secret Castle, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Crazy Cross...and more! [ About pixel logic puzzles ] Also known as nonograms, pixel logic puzzles are absorbing and addictive puzzles that use number clues and easy-to-follow logic to reveal awesome color pictures! If you love old-school games and enjoy puzzles games such as number place, crosswords, jigsaw and other brain teasers--this is the game for you! ------------------------ [ Compatability ] Supported OS version: iOS 12 or above Supported devices:64-bit or above ・Running fewer apps at one time will decrease likelihood of app becoming unstable.


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