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Hiya Chat, provides a CHILL & CHAT space for us. Join Hiya Chat's online party! Have a great day with us! Why Hiya Chat? Chat With Real People -Hiya Chat is an app to chat with real people online, with users from all corners of the world! No matter which country, you can chat together.It’s easy and fun to meet firends on Hiya Chat. Entertaining Community -Create rooms more convenient -Hiya Chat is filled with diverse, voice content streaming every second! Experience Avatars -Make an avatar and make friends, live chat, & more with people from all over the world Healthy Community -Many people will share their life moments here, let us thumsup for their wonderful moments. There are also many people who use their own voices to introduce themselves. You can directly listen to her/his voice or browse her/his photos before you know each other. Sharing Moment -No matter daily life or mood quotes, sharing your life,Send comments and express likes to your friends. Want more features? Get Hiya Chat right now!