Rise of Elf

Rise of Elf

By Guangzhou Jinhong Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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Rise of Elf is a two-dimensional card game, drawing style cartoon cute elves. Collect all kinds of elves as your battle force to join your team and start your wonderful journey. A new departure, aim to capture all kinds of elves! Immersed in the original story, trying to break through the obstacles in front of you, your elves will help you. They might enter the game , determined to re-enter the mysterious elves world for you. Join the alliance, challenge the forces of evil, and embark on the journey of the master elves ! [Game features] Infinite exciting team battle, multi-mode level challenges experience and the most exciting level adventure. Skill release hot duel. Group fight to the end A new mode of Adventure. Hundred of Cute Pets as You Capture. Set up an adventure team with friends to meet the challenges. Instant PK with the exciting adventure. Cool competition in power duel, subvert traditional gameplay adventure to create the coolest hero battle. Dark elf duels and skill release wars.


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